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The early development of academic spin-offs : holistic study on the survival of 185 European product-oriented ventures using a resource-based perspective

Sven H. De Cleyn

Korte Inhoud

This book contains the integral PhD dissertation of Sven H. De Cleyn, publicly defended on Friday 6 May 2011 at the University of Antwerp, Faculty of Applied Economics (Belgium). The supervisor of the dissertation is Prof. Dr. Johan Braet.
The study addresses European academic spin-offs and, by mainly focusing on its resources and how these are deployed, analyses the determinants of spin-off survival and success. The main research question is "What characterises the early development of knowledge-intensive product-oriented academic spin-offs?" The study is based on a unique sample, collected by personal interviews with top managers of 185 academic spin-offs in 9 European countries.
The results contains a number of surprising findings with far-reaching implications for several spin-off stakeholders (e.g. the role of risk capital providers, which turns out not to be so positive in many spin-off cases).

Biografie van de auteur

Sven H. De Cleyn joined the University of Antwerp as doctoral researcher in 2005, after obtaining a Master's degree in Commercial Engineering. In 2007, he obtained structural funding of the Research Foundation Flanders as PhD Fellow (Aspirant FWO Vlaanderen). He has mainly published on (academic) entrepreneurship and innovation in several scholarly journals and has been (invited) speaker on many international conferences. He obtained his PhD in Applied Economics on 6 May 2011.

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