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Frequently asked questions: Overview

  1. Site in general

    1. What does ShopMyBook stand for?
    2. What is printing on demand?
    3. Is the ShopMyBook site in more than one language?
    4. Is there more than one currency used on the ShopMyBook site?
    5. Why register for free on the ShopMyBook website?
    6. What happens if I forget my password?
    7. Where can I find my profile data?
    8. How do I change my password?
  2. How do I publish my book?

    1. Which file type does my book need to be saved as?
    2. How do I create a PDF?
    3. How should my book be formatted?
      1. What is the correct page size?
      2. What fonts can I use?
      3. Should I protect my .doc file with a password?
      4. Do I have to use embedded images?
      5. What if I don't have my own cover file?
      6. Is there a minimum/maximum number of pages?
      7. Where should I place my page numbers?
    4. Which covers can I choose from?
    5. Why register for free on the website?
    6. Why open a PayPal account?
    7. When will my book be available for sale on the website?
    8. What does it mean - worldwide or private availability?
    9. What is the self publishing wizard?
      1. How do I do Step 1/5: Book Information?
      2. How do I do Step 2/5: Upload and Print Preferences?
      3. How do I do Step 3/5: Cover Layout?t
      4. How do I sign in?
      5. How do I do Step 4/5: Profile Data?
      6. How do I do Step 5/5: Confirmation?
    10. Who is the owner of my book?
    11. How much will I earn with the publication of my book?
    12. How do I promote my book?
    13. How do I make changes to my book / listing?
  3. How do I buy a book?

    1. The home page
    2. How do I search for a book?
    3. How do I use the shopping basket?.
    4. How do I check out?
      1. How do I sign in?
      2. How do I do Step 1/3: Shipping Information?
      3. How do I do Step 2/3: My Order: An Overview?
      4. How do I do Step 3/3: Confirmation and Payment?
      5. How will I know that my order is confirmed?
    5. Does ShopMyBook have volume discounts?
    6. How do I add a book review?
    7. How do I buy a gift card?
  4. User Agreement

    1. General conditions
    2. Agreement for ShopMyBook content providers

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