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Example query letter to a publisher

If you've written a book and you would like to publish it with a traditional publisher or literary agent you have to write a query letter. Hereby we show you an example of a query letter.

Phone number
Name contact person publisher
Title/Function of the person in question
Company name publisher
Company address
Dear Mrs Smith (Always use family names).

In the first sentence mention the title of your manuscript, number of pages and in which category it fits best.
Love Long Lost is a romantic story (570 pages) in the contemporary New York In the following section you can clarify your first sentence. Writing this section you should keep the summary at the backside of the book in mind – short and precisely: Tasha Withers was a successful author in New York City. Young, good-looking and from a wealthy background. She could have any man she wanted. Until she saw her lost love Jason again who turned her world upside down. Grown up as friends Jason lost touch with Tasha during the war in the Middle East. Since years she hasn’t heard anything from him and she assumed that he has built up his own life. Seeing him after all these years, she shows him a diamante ring. Is it possible to be happy without him ? Or is she pretending ? In the next week their love was reborn, so that two man had to fight for her love. Love Long Lost is a novel treating the subject : Can you love only one person ? If yes how do you know who is the right person for you ?

In the third section you can tell more about your self. Compare it to your curriculum vitae :
I have been writing for twelve years now. Love stories are my passion although I have also written science fiction and horror stories. I have been working as a journalist for a newspaper for 10 years. If there is some time left I’m also writing as freelance author for the Magazine Women’s Day and Home. I’m member of the Atlanta Romance Novelists and the Associated Press. I already published 5 titles.

Finish your letter with “Thank you” and do mention the envelope with stamp: If you are interested, I’ll send you the complete manuscript. Enclosed you find a summary and a stamped envelope to send your answer. You can reach me by mail too. Thanks for your time and I hope hearing from you soon.
Yours faithfully,
Your name

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