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Author Checklist
What to Know Before You Publish Your Book on ShopMyBook
Having your book or documents printed on-demand and published online with ShopMyBook is exciting and easy. Just click, “Publish My Book” on the homepage and follow the instructions in our 5 Step Publishing Wizard.
STEP 1: Book Information
Know Your Book Title
The book title will be positioned on the front cover and spine of the book.

Write a Short Book Description:
Type a maximum 1000 character (including spaces) book description into a text document and cut and paste it into this section. Check spelling and grammar carefully. This description is printed on the backside of the book and will be displayed on the website.

Choose a book category most relevant to your book,such as fiction or business. Check out the online bookstore categories.

Think carefully here. If people don’t know your name or book title, how would they find you? Fill in 10 keywords (100 characters maximum), but do not use your name or book title. (These become searchable terms when you upload your book).

There are three options from which to choose:
1. Worldwide. Your book appears for sale in our worldwide, online bookstore.
2. Private. Your book is not available for sale in our online bookstore.Only the writer has access to view and order the book.
3. Private with Member Access Code Your book is not available for sale in our online bookstore. A special code will be e-mailed to you to share at your discretion. Only people who know the code can view and order your book.

Author name
The author name is positioned on the front cover and spine of the book.

Author biography
Type a maximum of 420 characters (including spaces) into a Microsoft word document and cut and paste. This description will be printed on the backside of the book and displayed on the website.

STEP 2: Upload and Print Preferences
Upload Your Book File The most important part is, of course, your digital file of the book content. Be sure that your book content is formatted to the same size as your book (see Print Preferences below). ShopMyBook only accepts documents in Microsoft Word (.doc) or PDF (.pdf) format. If your book contains special images such as pictures, letter types, or fonts, we recommend that you save your document as a PDF. Don't know anything about PDFs? Don't worry. More information can be found in our FAQ Uploading Your Book section.

Print Preferences Select one of five different book sizes IMPORTANT: Please be sure that your book content is formatted to the same size as your book i.e., if you chose to have your book printed in a 6 x 9" size, set the margins of your book content at 6 x 9.

Printing Select color or black and white. Note that your choice will be applied to the entire book meaning the text and pictures. However, it does not apply to the dust cover (if you are ordering a hardcover).

STEP 3: Cover Layout
Select Author picture or image Optional. A picture or image can be uploaded. This image is printed on the back of the book cover and displayed on the website. It is a great way to add interest to your book. IMPORTANT: Please make sure the image is high quality (minimum 300 dpi)

Front Cover Picture
ShopMyBook gives you three choices for your cover art: If you have your own cover art, upload it as a JPEG file. Please make sure this image is high quality (minimum 300 dpi). The image should be the same size as your book i.e., if your book size is 6 x 9, your cover art needs to be 6 x 9. If not, our software will resize it automatically, which sometimes distorts the image. In the last step of the wizard, you will receive a preview of your cover, and you still have the chance to make changes.
If you do not have cover art, select no cover picture, or choose from one of ShopMyBook cover art images.

Choose a background color
This color becomes the background color of your back cover. Choose a color that complements your front cover.

Select hardcover or paperback.

Dustcover Layout
This applies only if you choose a hardcover edition.

Letter Color
This is the color in which your author bio and book description will appear on the back cover. This text is placed on top of the “background color” you selected earlier. Be sure to choose a letter color that stands out against your background color.

Step 4: Profile Data
Confirm your personal information. IMPORTANT: Be sure to use the same email address that is associated with your Pay Pal account. If you do not have a Pay Pal account you can use our link to PayPal to set up your account. ShopMyBook makes monthly deposits from your previous month's book sales into this account. Select your royalty rate. You may choose 0% to 200%. Please note: your royalty rate affects your book price on the website.

Step 5: Confirmation
Confirm all data you have entered. Preview your book cover and manuscript excerpt. At this step, you can decide to go back and make changes to your cover. If everything looks good, just confirm and your book will be available immediately for sale on our website.You are now ready to purchase copies of your book, which will be printed and shipped to you. Payment can be done with one of the common credit cards or online banking services. Congratulations! 

Additional questions? Please refer to our FAQ section or email us at

Extra Helpful Hints from ShopMyBook 
ShopMyBook will not add blank pages to your book. This means the first page of your book will automatically be the first page you read when you open the book. If you prefer to have your book look as professional as possible, insert two blank pages, then a title page (page 3), followed by a copyright page (page 4). It is recommended that you copyright your work using © 2012 (Insert Your Name).
You can see a sample copyright page if you download the Free Publishing Guide on the homepage.
If you have an ISBN number, it can also be added to the copyright page.