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Arabic Alphabet 500 years old method of teaching arabic letters in Europe

Ermin Zahirović

Short description

This book explains a 500 years old method of teaching the Arabic alphabet in Europe and it contains twenty-two lessons and exercises providing a quality learning of the Arabic letters.
This method has been used for centuries in Islamic educational institutions in Bosnia, and it is currently used by thousands of children and adults who master the pronunciation and writing of the Arabic alphabet in a short period of time. Interactive lessons of this book you can find here:
With the help of these lessons you are going to learn the shape of each letter, its position at the beginning, in the middle and at the end of the word, and the correct pronunciation.
This book is especially good for Arabic language teachers and Islamic religious clerics in mosques who teach the Arabic and Qur’an alphabet or lecture the Arabic alphabet at home.

Author Bio

Ermin Zahirovic was born in 1982 in Kakanj, Bosnia and Herzegovina, finished elementary school in his hometown Kujavće, and in 1997 he enrolls Gazi Husrev-beg high school in Sarajevo and graduates in 2001. After that he starts working as an Islamic religious cleric in his hometown teaching children and adults to the basics of the Islam and the Arabic (Qur’an) alphabet.

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